Columbia GSAPP and Knights of Malta

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The Advanced Preservation Technology Studio, taught at Columbia University's GSAPP in collaboration with Factum Foundation, has concluded one more semester with remarkable results.


As part of the first day of the course, the students visited the facsimile of the Wedding at Cana, by Paolo Veronese, made by Factum Arte in 2006 © Carlos Bayod for Factum Foundation

This year the students employed a range of 3D recording technologies to document specific elements of art and architecture in the Palace and Church of San Giovanni di Malta in Venice. Crossing boundaries between academic and professional practice, the team worked on the digitisation, processing, analysis and reproduction of the obtained data as part of a comprehensive approach to the preservation of this unique building.


Gabriel Scarpa explaining the process of panoramic colour photography © Carlos Bayod for Factum Foundation

Otto Lowe explaining the photogrammetric recording process of the altar © Carlos Bayod for Factum Foundation


Carlos Bayod explaining the process of recording the damaged frescoes © Otto Lowe for Factum Foundation

The on-site fieldwork was carried out under the supervision of Factum Foundation's experts, operating from the new centre ARCHiVe (Analysis and Recording of Cultural Heritage in Venice) at the Fondazione Giorgio Cini on the island of San Giorgio. The work demonstrated once again the importance of digital preservation, especially in fragile locations like Venice where, as we saw in last November's peak flooding, historic artefacts can suffer tragic damage and change for ever.


Students working with photogrammetry © Otto Lowe for Factum Foundation

Gabriel Scarpa on how to record books and manuscript artworks © Otto Lowe for Factum Foundation

Photogrammetry of the marbles of the Church of the Knights of Malta © Carlos Bayod for Factum Foundation

Lucida 3D Scanner recording the surface of damaged tombstones © Carlos Bayod for Factum Foundation

The final results of the course were presented as a 1:1 scale, high resolution reproduction of a section of the altar © Carlos Bayod for Factum Foundation

Detail of the surface texture of the marble panels' reproduction © Carlos Bayod for Factum Foundation


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