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High-resolution image viewer of the tomb of Tutankhamun
Virtual tour of the tomb of Seti I
3D video animation of the Sarcophagus of Seti I



2019 CBS News video on the re-materialisation of the tomb of Seti I 
2013 BBC report on the facsimile of the tomb of Tutankhamun
2013 Making the Tutankhamun facsimile
2013 The finalized Tutankhamun facsimile
Squeezes, an invasive conservation technique
Two videos showing the process of printing skins and adding colour, and re-materialising data 



2019 TNPI Progress (report)
2018 The Sarcophagus of Seti I - re-materialisation (article)
2017 Two hundred years in the life of the tomb (booklet)
2017 Scanning Seti (article)
2017 Scanning Seti (exhibition catalogue, in German)
2016 Copying the Sarcophagus (article)
2016 TNPI Progress (report)

2015 Nicholas Reeves´s article The burial of Nefertiti
2014 The Authorized Facsimile (exhibition catalogue)
2012 The Facsimile of the Burial chamber of Tutankhamun (report)
2009 TNPI report on the work completed (English / Arabic)
2002 Recording Seti (book)


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