Retablo del Maestro de Perea

Seville, 2019

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Factum Foundation has collaborated with Fundación Casa Ducal de Medinaceli on a new digital preservation project involving the surface and colour recording of a late-15th-century altarpiece known as the Retablo del Maestro de Perea. The recording will allow the creation of a database documenting the current state of conservation of the altarpiece, whose 14 panels have recently been restored by the Fundación, and will permit close study, wider dissemination, and possible reproduction as a conservation facsimile.

Recording of the 14 panels was carried out over a period of two and a half weeks at Casa de Pilatos in Seville. The Lucida 3D Scanner, which was designed and built by Manuel Franquelo in collaboration with Factum Foundation, was used to record the surface relief of the painted wooden panels, and panoramic photography was used to record colour.

The project follows previous collaborations with the Fundación Medinaceli, for whom Factum Foundation has also recorded the Sepulchre of Cardinal Tavera and architectural elements in Casa de Pilatos.

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© Factum Foundation

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Gabriel Scarpa © Factum Foundation

Gabriel Scarpa carrying out recording using panoramic photography © Factum Foundation


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