Training at Factum Arte

Madrid, 2016

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A two-day practical training session at Factum Arte´s workshops in Madrid complemented the theoretical training of the graduate course Advanced Preservation Technology Studio. The training in Madrid allowed the students to learn about digital preservation tools and technologies. The aim of this exercise was for students to consider technology in a broader cultural, political and aesthetic context.

Factum Arte's José Pellón discussed the systems employed at Factum Arte for archiving digital information

During their visit to the workshops, the students tested different recording systems and re-materialization techniques including the Lucida 3D Scanner and the Veronica Choreographic Scanner and Factum Arte´s flatbed printer. José Pellon taught a special seminar about archiving methods and data storage.

The students spent three days at Factum Arte's workshop learning about the different uses of technology for preservation

The workshop focused on the different re-materialization and data visualization methods and focused on Factum Arte´s and Factum Foundation´s previous projects in digital restorations, digital re-creations of lost art and facsimiles to preserve the original.

Carlos Bayod presented the various preservation projects in Factum Arte's workshop in Madrid

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