Casa Natal de Velázquez

“The objective is clear: Seville must recover Velázquez’s legacy. The most important works the artist painted in the city where he was born and where he developed as an artist have spent centuries outside Spain. They can be found in some of best galleries and museums in the world, but, working with 21st century technology we are going to produce paintings so nearly identical to the originals that it is likely Velázquez himself would be unable to distinguish between the two. These reproductions will be on permanent view in the house where he was born, re-establishing thus the relationship between Seville and her most illustrious son.”
Enrique Bocanegra, author, journalist, and Director of the Casa Natal de Velázquez

A wider collaboration between Factum Foundation and CEEH (Centro de Estudios Europa Hispánica) will culminate in a display and exhibitions project for the new Casa Natal de Velázquez in Seville, established by the author and journalist Enrique Bocanegra and projected to open in 2021.

The building on No 4 Calle Padre Luis María Llop – considered to be the birthplace of the artist in Seville – will house a new interpretation centre and permanent exhibition spaces. The visitor will have the opportunity to see exact facsimiles of Velázquez’s early works in the house where the artist lived for the first twenty-three years of his life – a unique context in which to understand Velázquez’s private life, his studies and influences.

Working together with CEEH’s director José Luis Colomer, Factum Foundation will carry out the digital recording of several paintings from the artist’s early years with the aim of producing an ‘exact’ facsimile of each work. Factum Arte, with the support of Factum Foundation, will also contribute to the recreation of the space by recreating a selection of objects and design elements that appear in Velázquez’s famous (and, in those days, innovative) bodegones or scenes of daily life from Seville at a time when the city was at the height of its powers as the gateway to a new world of exotic materials and wealth.

The Casa Natal de Velázquez project is supported by the Sevilla City Hall. On June 10th 2020, the urban planning committee at Seville’s City Council authorised the beginning of construction works.

Recent updates, July 2020: The next paintings to be recorded are the The Waterseller of Seville (1618–1622) and Two Young Men Eating at a Humble Table (1618–1620) in the Wellington Collection at Apsley House. The recording will start as soon as the quarantine the UK is lifted.

An Old Woman Cooking Eggs

National Galleries of Scotland, Edinburgh
February, 2020

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