The Cochno Stone Project

The Cochno Stone Project, led by Ferdinand Saumarez Smith, is a collaborative effort between Factum Foundation for Digital Technology in Preservation, the University of Glasgow Archaeology Department, Richard Salmon Restoration Inc. and Elemental Films established to promote the Cochno Stone: Scotland’s finest example of a Neolithic cup-and-ring marked stone, that was buried in 1964 to protect it from vandalism.

In September 2016, this team fully excavated, 3D-recorded and safely reburied the Cochno Stone and produced a data viewer to make this enigmatic monument accessible to the public. The Cochno Stone Project worked closely with Historic Environment Scotland and West Dunbartonshire Council to ensure safe excavation, conservation and reburial methods. The next stage of the project is to gather support for the creation of a full-scale facsimile of the 8 x 13 meter stone, which would be installed at a location near the original.

High-resolution images of the Cochno Stone

Full Project proposal
Archaeological report on the test excavation
Text by film-maker May Miles Thomas on the test excavation
Local newspaper's report on the test excavation

Cochno Stone Test Excavation

West Dunbartonshire, 2015

Revealing the Cochno Stone

West Dunbarthonshire, 2016

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