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Factum Foundation for Digital Technology in Conservation was incorporated in Spain in 2009 and is registered with the Ministry of Culture in Madrid.

The American Friends of Factum Foundation (AFFF), is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, founded to allow residents of the United States to make a donation.

The Foundation is committed to continuing the development of tools and skills that help professionals, scholars and local communities in documenting, monitoring, studying, recreating and disseminating the world’s cultural heritage.

The Foundation's programmes and activities throughout the world demonstrate that it is possible to integrate diverse voices and more effective approaches to heritage conservation.

Factum Foundation urgently needs your help to preserve culture for future generations. Get involved!

To make a donation through Paypal, please click below:

To make a donation by wire transfer, please email us or call +34 915 50 09 78.

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