Recording Kuikuro Heritage
Mato Grasso, Brazil 2017

In May 2017, Factum Foundation and People’s Palace Projects collaborated with indigenous filmmaker Takuma Kuikuro in his effort to preserve the heritage of the village of Ipatse, which is located in the Xingu region of Mato Grosso, Brazil. The Foundation supported Kuikuro´s continuous effort in documenting the traditions and daily life in Ipatse. which he remarkably captured in his 2012 film As Hiper Mulheres, by recording the topography, the sounds and, ritual and symbolic objects. 

Upon the team´s arrival, the Kuikuro community was about relocate to an adjacent site. The Kuikuro traditionally move the site of the village approximately every 30-40 years, but this process has  accelerated because of recent lightning strikes on one of the ocas, the traditional homes of the Kuikuro. Using LiDAR technology (Faro 3D X130), ?Factum documented the current state of the present village.

Following the LiDAR mapping of the village, the Foundation’s team ran an introductory workshop in photogrammetry recording a pair of masks normally used in the Kuarup, the Xingu funerary ritual, adorned with grasses and paints as well as a pair of termite hills.

People’s Palace Projects will return to Ipatse in September for the first of their artistic residencies. The data recorded by Factum Foundation, will be donated to communities’ planned cultural centre (currently under construction) in the nearest town, Canarana.

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