Facsimile of Allan Ramsay's portrait of Laura Keppel and Charlotte

Original recoded at Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, 2017
Facsimile on display at Strawberry Hill House, Twickenham, 2017

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Factum Foundation produced a facsimile of Allan Ramsay´s Portrait of Horace Walpole´s nieces, Laura Keppel and Charlotte, Lady Huntingtower, to support the Strawberry Hill Trust´s mission to restore and recreate Horace Walpole´s house, a remarkable example of Enlgish Gothic revival architecture.

The facsimile hanging at Strawberry Hill House

The facsimle of Ramsay┬┤s portrait

Horace Walpole (1717 - 1797), 4th Earl of Orford, built his castle at Strawberry Hill near London to display his extraordinary collection of treasures, which included more than 1200 ceramics and portraits of his close friends and relatives. Most of his collection was sold and dispersed world-wide in 1842.

Painted in 1765, Allan Ramsay’s Portrait of Horace Walpole's Nieces: The Honorable Laura Keppel and Charlotte, Lady Huntingtower now belongs to the collection of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. Interestingly, Ramsay painted the face of Laura Keppel (in blue) on a separate canvas, which was then sewn onto the main canvas.

The first step in the re-creation process involved capturing in high-resolution the two dimensional data of the originial (the surface´s layout and the colour information) with composite panoramic photography. The 3D information of the frame and the painting´s relief were recorded with photogrammetry and by scanning the surface with the Lucida 3D Scanner.

Recording the relief of the original portrait with the Lucida 3D Scanner at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston

Recording the original frame

Back of the frame

The 3D relief data obtained with the Lucida 3D Scanner was printed to form the basis of a silicone mould. By painting the gesso into the sillicone mould and impregnating the canvas directly in the gesso, we obtained a print surfface with the relief information. This support, was subsequently merged with the printed 2D colour information.

Preparing the printing support

Printing 2D colour information

Merged color and relief information

All frames were routed in high-density polyurethane, painted and hand-gilt.

Assembling the frame

Carving the details

The 3D printed frames were hand-painted and gold-gilt

The finished frame

Allan Ramsay´s portrait of Horace Walpole´s nieces, Laura Keppel and Charlotte, Lady Huntingtower, was installed in its original location at Strawberry Hill House in early 2017.

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