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A Flash based viewer application based on Openzoom technology has been developed to navigate through the high resolution photographic data scanned at the tomb. This navigator is an interactive tool that has been prepared for the Supreme Council of Antiquities and will be made available to specialists for studying and monitoring the condition of the tomb. It consists of an interactive Flash application embedded in a web browser. The navigator will be able to move around the entire tomb and zoom into the photographic data at a macro level. An additional feature will allow specialists to leave notes on specific areas, using a colour code for different authors. This option will allow layered view and visible-invisible toggling for these notes.

Tomb of Tutankhamun, four walls (3D grayscale and 2D colour data) Luxor, Valley of the Kings. XVIII dynasty, New Kingdom, c. 1332-1323 B.C.
View the navigator here

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