Tutankhamun's South Wall

Madrid, 2011

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A section of the South wall of the tomb of Tutankhamun was removed to access the tomb during its discovery by Howard Carter in 1922. The whereabouts of this section are currently unknown but Harry Burton’s black and white photographs of the tomb show this section of the South wall.

Howard Carter´s photograph of the missing fragment of the South wall

Burton's photographs, part of the collection of the Griffith Institute in Oxford, were used to reconstruct a full-colour replica of the missing fragment.

The colour information for the reconstruction was extracted from the high-resolution photographs of the remaining south wall.

Digital reconstruction of the colour of the South wall

The colours of the figure of Isis were determined on the goddess's iconography. The three gods on the left side of the panel are unknown and were left in monochrome. The surface was carved by hand, prepared with plaster and gesso and printed on the flat bed printer.

The reconstruction of the South wall materialised

The South wall was installed in the exhibition space leading to the facsimile of Tutankhamun

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