The Ladies Waldegrave

Joshua Reynolds, 2017

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In January 2018, Factum Foundation and Strawberry Hill House renewed their effort to restitute Horace Walpole's art collection to its original location. Factum Foundation recorded Joshua Reynold's The Ladies Waldegrave (1780), which was commissioned by Horace Walpole, the great-uncle of Laura, Maria, and Horatia Waldegrave, the three sitters depicted in this work. The painting originally hung in Walpole's house in Strawberry Hill but it was sold 1842 and it entered the collection of the National Gallery of Scotland in 1952.

Gabriel Scarpa and Carlos Bayod recorded Joshua Reynold's painting at the National Gallery of Scotland.

Gabriel Scarpa and Carlos Bayod digitized the painting using a combination of non-contact recording systems that captured different components of this work. The painting was recorded with panoramic photography, a technique that involves taking hundreds of macro photographs of a work. More than 800 photographs of The Ladies Waldegrave were stitched together forming two giga-pixel panoramas, or a large and detailed image of the work.

Further details of the painting were captured using photogrammetry, which involves taking photographs from every angle. The painting's surface was also scanned using Factum Arte's Lucida 3D Scanner, a system designed by artist-engineer Manuel Franquelo to scan the surface of paintings and shallow relief objects. This system can be especially useful for monitoring and understanding changes in the materials and texture of a painting.

Recording using composite photography.

Other information was captured with photogrammetry.

The relief of the painting was recorded with the Lucida 3D scanner.

The information recorded with these systems will be used to create a facsimile of the Joshua Reynold's work, which will be installed in its original location in Horace Walpole's Strawberry Hill House.

The information recorded was processed using Reality Capture.

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