Press Releases

‘Madame de Pompadour in the Frame’: an exhibition at Waddesdon Manor

English, March 2019

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Recording an avant-garde masterpiece: Malevich's Black Square

English, December 2018

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Digital and physical reconstruction of the vandalised sacred cave of Kamukuwaká

English, November 2018

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ARCHiVe's launch

English, September 2018

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Stoppelaëre House Inauguration

Click for both English and Arabic, February 2017

Recording Dionisy's frescoes at the Ferapontov Monastery

English, October 2016

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Revealing the Cochno Stone

English, August 2016

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Factum Foundation teams with Autodesk

English, April 2016

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Factum Foundation and Open Care launch Lucida Lab Milan

English, October 2014

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Accord between APSAD and Factum Foundation press release

Hereford Mappa Mundi Press Release

English, June 2013

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Hereford Press Release

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Tudela Press Release

Spanish, January 2013

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Tutankhamun Press Releases and Reviews

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