An initiative organized by the Victoria and Albert Museum and the Peri Foundation, the Reproduction of Art and Cultural Heritage Project (ReACH) was a research group dedicated to drafting guidelines for recording cultural heritage.

Factum Foundation worked alongside researchers from the V&A, the Peri Foundation, the Musée du Louvre, the Warburg Institute, the Pergamonmuseum, the State Hermitage Museum, Yale Institute for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage as a part of a core research team responsible for drafting the terms of new declaration for the reproduction, storage and sharing of data.

The declaration was signed by 20 museums and foundations invested in the use of digital technology to preserve and protect cultural heritage at the V&A in London on 8th December 2017. To accompany this event, the Peri Foundation has organized the exhibition Words of Stones, showing examples of the high-resolution work carried out in the Mosque and Mausoleum at Kala Koreysh by Factum Foundation and the Peri Foundation.

2017 ReACH Declaration (final text)
2017 Changing Attitudes to Preservation by Adam Lowe (article)

2017 ReACH: Towards a New Convention (presentation )

2017 Words of Stone
2016 A World of Fragile Parts



A World of Fragile Parts


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